11.25.14The Weary World

Do you ever feel the weight of the brokenness of this world? Do you ever feel its pain? Today, I tasted what I know is just a glimpse of it. While, normally I wake up blissfully ignorant of those who are hurting, thinking only of my precious coffee—this morning, I woke up aching for others.

Last night was our weekly errand night. What we usually speed through took much longer as we absorbed first the announcement, then the anger surrounding the grand jury decision in Ferguson. We pulled in to the Target parking lot, and just sat—listening as they tried to explain the lack of indictment. From discrediting witnesses to casting blame on the voracious news cycle—all I could hear was brokenness and pain.

This world we live in groans with the tension of God’s Kingdom here, but not fully—not yet. So while we see God at work around us, we also see the chaos and sadness that comes with sin.

As I sat praying for those on both sides of this awful situation, I was reminded of the words from O Holy Night.

“Long lay the world in sin and error pining.”

How long it has lain in these things—so long, we wonder if this cycle of sin will ever end. But it continues, “til He appeared, and the soul felt its worth.”

Did you catch that? He appeared—the God of the universe appeared—and our souls understand their value IN HIM.

“A thrill of hope. The weary world rejoices.”

Hope. There’s hope in the midst of the darkness and pain. This world—weary from the burden of evil, weary from its own brokenness—this world rejoices.

“For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.”

Our Savior brings new life. He brings hope. He brings the promise of a different future—one that is secured in Him.

And what should our response be?

“Fall on your knees.”

Fall in gratitude. Fall in awe of the One who brings Life. And fall, continuing to pray for the “not yet,” for the things of this world that are still broken and hurting.

So, this morning, that’s what I’m doing. Will you fall on your knees with me?

5 thoughts on “The Weary World

  1. Pat Roy

    Enjoy your blog! I’ve also been praying for both sides of the tragedy in Ferguson. So many sad situations in our America and world. We must keep praying for all!

  2. Momo

    The pain is so evident to me now. I hear it in the words my friends are writing on their blogs. I see it in tweets and FB updates. I don’t have their experiences, but their pain is real and it’s touching me. Thank you for writing this and for being one more voice of integrity in this volatile time.


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