01.10.15Bacon Saturday

Friends, today I’m sharing about a sacred tradition in our home. We call it Bacon Saturday. Here’s how it works: Every Saturday morning, we set our alarms a little bit later, and rise rested with coffee happily brewing downstairs. The smell pulls us from the warmth of our bed, and we slowly ease into the day.

My guy fills a couple of mugs with our favorite French roast while I pre-heat the oven and arrange thick slices of applewood-smoked bacon on a baking sheet. As it sizzles in the oven, I cook a few eggs—fried for him, omelet-style for me. Once everything’s ready, we take our breakfast to the couch, where we slowly enjoy our bounty.


Some mornings we watch an episode or two of a TV show on Netflix. Others, we simply sit and soak in the moment, talking about the past week and planning for the weekend ahead.

It’s a chance to connect and regroup. A chance to slow down and say no to the all-too-hurried pace of our lives, even if just for a few hours. It’s an intentional breather of sorts, and we protect it pretty fiercely.

Each week, when we add bacon to our shopping cart, we glance at each other and smile. We know that no matter how crazy the days ahead may be, Bacon Saturday is coming.


You might be laughing at this point, thinking that just about anyone would get excited about bacon. But, as good as the bacon is (and trust me—it’s good), it isn’t about that at all.

You see, we are designed to be productive, to create, and to work. But, we are equally designed to rest. To pause and reflect. I think we often let the busyness of life drown out that need. And we can get away with doing that—for a time. But eventually, it catches up to us. No matter how much caffeine we drink, we’re just not meant to move at hyper-speed indefinitely.

I’ve gotta say, I was surprised by this tradition. We started it for the bacon, but we’ve kept it and made it a priority because we crave the rest and connection.

What holy moment do you hold onto during the week? Or maybe you haven’t been able to carve out that time to slow down. It doesn’t have to be Saturday morning and it doesn’t have to involve bacon (although, if it does, I’d recommend the applewood-smoked variety from Trader Joe’s). Find what works for you, and make it a priority. Because you, my friend, were designed for rest.

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