06.05.15All day long

I was journaling during my quiet time this morning—something my sweet Dad has been doing for a while now and encouraged me to try. Somehow I decided that my first day journaling would also be my first day giving up coffee…yeah, maybe not so smart. But, I’m now eight days coffee-free and feeling slightly less foggy each day.


This morning, I was reading the first part of Psalm 25 where David talks about hope.

“Ha! that’s something I’m so good at,” I thought bitterly.

Before I knew it, I was journaling these words:

Isn’t hope just lofty expectations waiting to be dashed—isn’t hope just asking for disappointment?

I had barely finished scratching them down with my mechanical pencil when I heard the Lord say, “Not when you hope in Me.”

The tears began to roll as it hit me—when I place my hope in other things or other people, they’ll inevitably let me down. But when I place my hope in the Almighty, Sovereign God—He won’t.

David says, “No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame.” (Psalm 25:3)

Let’s be real here though—placing your hope in God doesn’t mean all of your expectations will be met. It doesn’t mean your life will go the way you planned. It doesn’t mean you’ll get everything you want. But I suspect that has more to do with our own limited understanding of goodness and God than with Him, along with the fact that we live in a fallen, broken world.

David continues, “Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”

Did you catch that last part? David’s hope was in God all day long. So, in the morning, when I rise, my hope is in the Lord. When the evening comes, my hope is in the Lord. And through everything in between, my hope is in the Lord.

I was reminded of the words to Great Is Thy Faithfulness, “…strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow…”

And I realized that, while those words are true, we don’t have to face each day with gritted teeth, just asking the Lord for strength to make it through—all the while deferring our hope for tomorrow, for that bright future we’re promised with Jesus. He gives us hope and joy in the here and now—amidst the pain and the sorrow, amidst those unmet expectations, amidst those broken dreams. That’s the beauty of walking with Him each day.

This week, I’m purposing to hope in the Lord all day long. Will you join me?

2 thoughts on “All day long

  1. Linda Mayer

    Miss Shannon, exactly. And in reverse, just this week we were studying hope. Jesus endured the cross “for the joy (the hope) set before Him. So we too can endure hardships with hope – for the joy that is to come!
    XOXO, Linda


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