About_PB6Hey there. I’m Shannon. And I used to think that life was supposed to look a certain way—that mine definitely would. But now it doesn’t—and that’s okay. In fact, I’m learning that, in those places of “I’m-barely-holding-it-together-because-my-world-and-my-plans-are-falling-apart”—that’s where freedom’s found. Freedom to say no to the great life our culture pretends to offer and yes to the one God has for us. Freedom to hope and trust that, even when our hearts are broken and our dreams are shattered, that God’s not done with us yet. That He is able to reshape those dreams into something breathtakingly beautiful for His glory.

Can I tell you something? There’s freedom here. Freedom to lay down that fragile “I’ve-got-it-together” facade. Freedom to say I’m not the only one whose life took some crazy unexpected turns. And freedom to come together and trust God for His Plan Beautiful.

A Little About Me

I write to heal, to process, and to learn. I’m married to the MOST amazing guy. I mean, it’s almost ridiculous. We said “I do” nearly 8 years ago, and we choose to honor that vow every day. Some days we do better than others, but he’s my closest friend, my cheerleader, and my partner on this wild journey.

We’re adding to our family through adoption—a road that’s taken four years so far and has changed us in ways we could never imagine. We cannot wait to see which little one God will entrust to our care.

I’m a big fan of simplicity. So, dropping off our extra stuff at Goodwill is my idea of a good time. I’ll choose craft beer over wine any day (I pretend to put up with hubby’s homebrewing hobby—but we both know I love it).

I think life is done better together. And I’m honored to share mine with you. Slow down and settle in.

And remember, there’s freedom for you here.